Monday, December 3, 2012


It's finally here!! Steve Ellmore Studios has an entirely new look and a new, easier to remember home page! 
The new look of Steve Ellmore Studios, now at
Since 2009, we have used the full title of Steve Ellmore Studios as our web address.  However, the name was long and often difficult to remember.  On December 3rd, 2012, we officially launched a true multimedia website under our new URL:  The new site is based on Adobe Flash and includes new products, services and photos in addition to full multimedia enhancements.

Our web presence has undergone several changes over the years, but we were happiest when we first released a similar look back in 2010. However, after our web host upgraded their software, the functionality of the Flash based site was no longer supported.  In the interim, we switched to an HTML based option using WordPress.

While the HTML 5 made the site compatible with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, the program it was built on was mainly intended for blog sites and was not very flexible when it came to uploading photo galleries.  We recently switched to a new web host, and after working with their technicians, we were able to  enable support for our CMS admin tools to develop our new site.

In addition to the new look, we are also developing a mobile app that will allow non-Flash enabled devices to view our products and services.  The new app will detect if Flash is enabled on your system, and if not, will automatically redirect to the mobile site.

The new app should be up and running before the new year.  Look for sneak peeks from your i-device throughout the month of December as we progress through the enhancements.

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