Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rachel & Paul's Wedding

As I mentioned in my previous post about this summer's weddings, one of the couples I worked with, Rachel and Paul, had their wedding at a bed and breakfast by the water. Paul comes from a large, traditional Italian family. I had such a good time photographing their wedding, especially their formals and reception. So friendly and out-going, they all made me feel like a part of the family.

Several of the members asked me to take additional photos of them and other family members. It was like a big family reunion. So, by popular demand, for this post I wanted to provide a place for the whole family to see their photos and make it an easy way to preview and select images for ordering copies. So here they are. Enjoy!
Rachel & Paul Formals

For my next post, I am planning to upload additional photos from this wedding to include the Pre-ceremony, Ceremony and best of all...the Reception!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Summer's Weddings

Okay, as promised, I'm here to update you on the wedding events conducted this summer. There were three notable events and all turned out beautifully! The first to mention was Chris and Mindy. This was an outdoor wedding taken at Chris's Parent's house. It was a gorgeous and bright sun shinny day!

The next event was with Nate and Sarah. Theirs was an indoor wedding at a newly remodeled wedding chapel in Olympia, WA. Although it was a very warm day and the lighting was romantically dim, it made for some very nice photographs. This was also one of my first military couple and I prepared a very special package specifically for them. To see examples of this wedding click the following links:

Nate & Sarah: Pre-Wedding

Nate & Sarah: Wedding Ceremony

Nate & Sarah: Reception

Nate & Sarah: Formals

The most recent wedding was Rachel and Paul's. Theirs was another outdoor event. This one was held at a Bed & Breakfast by the water. They come from a large traditional Italian family and I had the opportunity to capture many many additional family photos by requesting members. They made me feel as though I was a part of their family. On this occasion I went through several capture cards in my camera as I took well over two thousand photos! Several weeks later, I am just now putting the finishing touches on refining them all. Check back here in a couple weeks to see some of these samples.

That's all for now. More to come later.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brides and Couples

Click here to view this photo book larger

Busy Wedding Season

It's been an incredibly busy wedding season. I have been fielding calls and e-mails on an almost daily basis. Virtually every week now I've been making the commute to Everett, WA to meet new clients with my partner Felicia. And thanks to business has been exploding!

Well, wedding season is finally among us, no doubt about it. The first wedding of the summer is coming up this weekend. Check back here in a couple weeks to see a sampling of the photos.

Now that I have the time to sit down and bring you up-to-date, the plan is to post everything I had originally intended to spread out on a weekly basis. Instead, if all goes well, you should see a series of updates this month. Keep your eyes open and I'll see you back here in just a bit!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SE Studios Review on

Today my business received it's first professional review. reviews about 15 new start-ups each day setting the groundwork for future big name companies.
See my review at:

Show your support by casting a vote if you agree with the review.
-Steve Ellmore -

More Washington Wedding Photos

Now that spring is finally here and we've had another break in the weather, the brides have been coming out of hiding. This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful bride on the Bremerton waterfront.

We took many pictures by the marina, in front of several fountains and even at an elaborate waterfront park near the Washington State Ferry docks. To see more of these photos, visit my website:

Please take the time to look at them and provide me with your feedback. I'm sure you will be pleasantly impressed.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Day for Photography

This weekend the weather decided to cooperate and we had the opportunity for an amazing photo shoot! Ashley and Reuben, a couple from a previous wedding (with my partner Felicia Marquez from Beauty through a photograph) came out for a re-shoot in downtown Seattle Sunday.

There couldn’t be a better day for shooting in the Pacific Northwest! We met in front of Doc Maynard’s in historic Pioneer Square and the rest was history! The old brick and iron made for an exceptional day of magazine quality shooting. Ashley, the bride wanted something “Edgy” after her traditional wedding shoot, and they back streets and alleys of old Seattle were just the thing. It was amazing!

I spent several hours sorting through the hundreds of photos that were taken, every one of them a keeper. I finally narrowed down the pictures to just under a hundred. Once I have presented them to the client, I will narrow them down more and post them online here and my website: Check back here in a week or so for a sneak peek!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wedding Season Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are behind us, the seasons are beginning to change, and brides are starting to plan their spring and summer weddings.

In just a few short months of becoming associates with Beauty Through a Photograph and fully bringing Steve Ellmore Studios online, business is blooming! Last week Felicia and I met with Bride-to-Be Mindy and Fiancé Chris. They were so impressed they booked their reservation right there on the spot!

In search of brides to update my portfolio with, I have so far gathered at least three volunteers to willing to don their bridal gowns again for a photojournalistic style re-shoot. They get additional wedding pictures and I’m able to showcase more of my shooting style. Now the only thing we are waiting for is the weather to cooperate.

I’m always in need a new faces, so if you are interested in volunteering, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Photography

After 5 years of running my graphic design site, XFactorGraphX, I decided to focus my artistic skills on my hobby of 20+ years: Photography. This winter I created to feature some of my photographic works.

Since its inception less than 3 months ago, I have moved up from "Assistant" to "Associate" of Seattle Wedding Photographer Felicia Marquez and her business

Already within the first month of becoming an independent associate of hers, we are looking at three potential weddings this summer and a post-wedding shoot this upcoming weekend!

Trying something different, we are going to downtown Seattle to take wedding photos in a more edgy, fashion style format. Fully dressed in gown and tuxedo, we are going to hit the streets and back alleys to break away from the traditional posed bride and groom.

I am very excited for this chance to expand my existing portfolio with something cutting edge and different for a change. If all works out, I may follow in my sister’s footsteps and branch out to the magazine and fashion industry.

So, come back to this spot in a couple weeks and I will try to post some of the photos for your viewing pleasure.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jack of All Trades

I’m a tinkerer with a thirst for knowledge. Some say a jack-of-all-trades, while others call me MacGyver. This writing is a list of the many thing that I have explored, tried, experimented with, and in many cases simply gave up on. It is an honest self-evaluation of my experiences rated on a scale of 1-10. Ten represents something mastered and one refers to “okay, at least I took a shot at it”, grimace.

In some cases, the scale includes “Now” and “Then”. Then, refers to when I first attempted something or became efficient, but hardly do anymore. Now, is quite obviously in the present, as in the here and now.

My belief is that much of my adaptability is owed to my grandfather and his DNA. He was an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII and was responsible for re-building bridges along the way to Paris after D-Day. Most of the things I have done are of a hands-on nature such as carpentry, electronics and mechanics. Some of it I owe to my mother who raised us in a very frugal household. At times, I was under the mindset of “why pay someone else to do the job when you can learn to do it yourself”. Well, that and I was just cheap.

Today, thanks to the onset of the internet, the wealth of knowledge out there is virtually endless. If I want to know how to do something, I just Google it. For example, if I want a certain recipe for some exotic food, I Google it. If I want to learn how to build I deck, I Google it. You get the picture.

- Photographer - Now: 10, Then: 5
Received my first camera during adolescence and have been honing my skills ever since.

- Salesman/Recruiter - 10
Working with people has always been a strong point in life. I firmly believe in treating others as you would have them treat you. As an Enlisted Recruiter for the Air Force, I was chosen as the Top recruiter for Southern California and Arizona.

- Electronics - Then: 9, Now: 6
I could rate myself as a 10, but my weak point has always been math; which is needed in order to actually Master this subject.

Today I’m a little slower reading schematics and remembering the electronic principles. Moreover, good old electronics and do-it-yourself kits and hobby materials are getting hard to find. Like photography and the darkroom, it’s a dying breed; everything is going computerized.

- Mechanic - Then: 10, Now: 4
At age 20, I became a complete gear-head by restoring a 1969 Camaro. From that experience, I aced the mechanics portion of the ASVAB and joined the Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic (AGE). This career field taught me how to fix everything from gas, diesel and turbine engines to HVAC and electronics.

Eventually I became a computer geek and once you’ve worked behind a desk making the same amount of money, it’s somewhat hard going back to busting your knuckles in the rain.

- Computers - 9
I used to be a ten during my peek. In this industry if you don’t stay at it as part of your day-to-day being, it’s easy to have to play catch up again. Nevertheless, in my heyday I could build a mean computer from scratch, wire an entire network, configure the servers and save the world. (Well, to some people it seemed I was a lifesaver at the very least).

- Carpenter, home remodeling & over all handyman - 10
One of my strongest suites, this is one of the reasons I’m called MacGyver. Most recently, I built a 12’x25’, six-foot high deck off the back of my house and a full working bar in my garage complete with wine cellar.

- Wine making - 9
I have been making wine from Oregon grapes for over two years now. I placed 2nd in the 2007 Kitsap County Wine Competition, not too shabby for a novice.

- Beer Making - 8
I make some pretty darn good Lagers and other full-bodied beers. Friends, families and co-workers always request my home-brews over anything else when their over. Of the several beer contests entered, my scores were decent, but never placed. There are some serious home-brewers out there.

- Landscaping - 8
As long as the plant-life is pre-grown, transplanting is no problem. I can sculpt a yard into anything seen fit. Just don’t ask me to lay down more than a few yards of concrete.

- Gardening - 4
Well, so much for having a green thumb. Having something grow after planting is hit-or-miss.

- Guitar - 5
Even with formal training, my fingers just aren’t nimble enough to play complex cords.

- Guitar Hero - 7.5
That’s about my peek. Although I can hold-my-own on Medium, my wife still beats me in battles.

- Writing - 9.5
I love the English language and enjoy creative writing. Even though I’ve yet to pen the great American novel, I have written several instructional guides and articles for weekly newsletters.

- Singing - Now: 3, Then: 5
Forget it. The only time you’ll here me singing is during a drunken night of karaoke or if you catch me off guard when I think I’m alone. About the only time I could ever sing was during adolescence when I had the vocal cords of the Vienna boys’ choir.

The items mentioned above are of the most notable things I’ve done in my life. I hope that you’ve found them interesting. Perhaps in future writings I will provide a few more things that have been attempted, but never followed through continuously to this day (at least those of which I remember).

After reading this, take a moment to reflect on yourself and your life’s experiences. Then visit my website and read my biography. When finished send me an e-mail with your thoughts or post your own self-evaluation on my blog.