Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Photography

After 5 years of running my graphic design site, XFactorGraphX, I decided to focus my artistic skills on my hobby of 20+ years: Photography. This winter I created to feature some of my photographic works.

Since its inception less than 3 months ago, I have moved up from "Assistant" to "Associate" of Seattle Wedding Photographer Felicia Marquez and her business

Already within the first month of becoming an independent associate of hers, we are looking at three potential weddings this summer and a post-wedding shoot this upcoming weekend!

Trying something different, we are going to downtown Seattle to take wedding photos in a more edgy, fashion style format. Fully dressed in gown and tuxedo, we are going to hit the streets and back alleys to break away from the traditional posed bride and groom.

I am very excited for this chance to expand my existing portfolio with something cutting edge and different for a change. If all works out, I may follow in my sister’s footsteps and branch out to the magazine and fashion industry.

So, come back to this spot in a couple weeks and I will try to post some of the photos for your viewing pleasure.


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